By Rev. John Wayne McMann

“What if…?” This phrase can drip with fear or doubt. What if I fail? What if I lose my job? What if I look stupid? What if no one likes me? However, this phrase can also be saturated in hope and optimism. It can be the first few words of a beautiful dreamer’s adventure. “What if…” can be the beginning of a season where we expect God to do a new thing, where God redeems something broken, or where God brings healing. This new sermon series is about dreaming for what only God can do and this dream is not about super hero powers or winning the lottery, but dreams where God does the unthinkable through us simply because we let go of ourselves.

What if we prayed? Like really got on our knees and sought after the God of the universe. What if the song of our life was the conversation between us and the God who created us?

What if we put God first? What if we took everything that means anything to us and gave it to God? What if Jesus was serious when he said “whoever will lose their life for my sake will save it.”

What if we let God do something extraordinary through us? Imagine the possibilities if we stopped measuring God by our own capabilities and trusted Him to do more!

What if we gave it all? Dream for a moment about the church of God leveraging everything for the sake of the kingdom.

I have to be honest, sometimes it is difficult for me to imagine. I remember a time when it was simple to dream up a castle cleverly disguised as a tree house and could create incredible scenarios of dragons and damsels’ in distress all in a few minutes with some close friends. Dreaming is not as easy anymore and it is definitely not as socially acceptable. That’s why I need you. Let’s dream together about what only God could do in our lives and in our community.

Join us in worship for this new series and also be on the look out for some guest posts on the blog from members of our community that have been shaped by this question, what if…?