We love because he first loved us. – 1 John  4:19 (NIV)

By –Lynn Harper, Director
Society of St Stephen

When we open the door at Society of St Stephen each day, we pray for patience, understanding, compassion, and mercy for ourselves and for everyone who walks through our doors. We are many people’s last resort, people who are at the end of their rope to obtain food, clothing, shelter, medicines, or physical comfort for their families. We make every effort, with the resources available to us, to provide physical necessities and offer hope for a brighter day for them and their families.

One of the most valuable gifts anyone can give to the Lord is their time in serving others. It can be a tremendous sacrifice to choose service to the Kingdom over other activities that might seem more appealing. At SOSS from preschool age to retirement age, we value EVERY minute of donated time and effort and the friendships forged through these experiences of serving others will surely last a lifetime.

One year, a woman came into Society wearing sunglasses on a cloudy day- not a good sign. Through her tears and broken English, she was able to tell us she needed help. In the privacy of the coordinator’s office, she removed her glasses to reveal two black eyes.  She told of her husband’s abuse and her desperation to protect herself and her children. He had beaten her, kicked her out of their home, and taken everything she owned. We were able to connect her with a local women and children’s shelter. 

On another occasion, a woman came into Society desperate for assistance with her electric bill. She had maxed out her available funding assistance from other agencies and didn’t know what else to do. Fortunately, we were able to help her, and she cried, saying she had come in with a cross in one hand and a rosary in another and just knew God wouldn’t let her down. We are always in awe of how God uses people at just the right time and for just His perfect purpose to touch the lives of others through His love and compassion. It is our joy and honor at Society of St Stephen to be a conduit of the generosity of our community to help others in need.

Society of St Stephen began in the minds of a handful of determined women with a donated closet space in the church gym for canned goods many years ago and has grown to our SOSS family today. Society of St. Stephen is alive with stories of people and faces, laughter and tears, joy and heartache, service and sacrifice. Are you looking for a place to serve? What are you willing to sacrifice in service to the LORD? What is your time worth?

Whether or not you join us at SOSS as a volunteer, please pray and find a place God is calling you to serve. You will be a blessing to others and be blessed in the process.

Pray for:

  • God to bless all our efforts to help our SOSS clients.
  • God will provide all the resources needed to provide the services at SOSS- funds, supplies, and volunteers.
  • The light of Jesus and His love in our hearts to multiply our service to His Kingdom.

Did you know?

  • SOSS was started in 1981 by 12 members of Kingwood UMC, two of these ladies still serve at SOSS today.
  • The first SOSS pantry was a closet in the men’s restroom of the church gym.
  • SOSS has more than 200 volunteers and no paid staff.
  • SOSS has volunteers as young as 3 years old and as mature as 95 years old.
  • You may donate clothes, small household appliances, linens. food, time, and money.


  • Lynn Harper, Director Pharper5@embarqmail.com 281-358-7722
  • Society of St. Stephen, 2307 Crystal Springs, Kingwood, Texas 77339
  • Volunteer Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays  9-11:30 am

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