WEEK 5: MARCH 27-April 2

Raised for a Voice

Jesus brings great intentionality to his interactions with children throughout the gospels. This week we turn to the Resurrection of a young girl and reflect on the ways that Jesus gives voice to the young children. We are reminded that Christ has raised us all to have a voice and a part in the Kingdom and that includes the precious children of our own community. Spend some time reading through this Resurrection story and prepare to be encouraged from some of our own children, parents, and teachers.

God With Us
By Cassidy Sisco – 5th Grader

There isn’t a time that I remember when I didn’t know God. He has always been a part of my life, He also changed it. When I try to imagine a life without church, without God, my mind goes blank. I believe that is because there is no life without God. To most my age, the first person who comes to mind when they hear the name God would probably be a father. To me His name makes me think of people in general. God can take the form of a friend, a family member, a teacher, a pastor; His name makes me think of people. God can come into your life by coming to you through friends, family, even people you never met.

God has come into my life in many ways. He has spoken through my parents, and some of my friends. Often I find that He is speaking to my friends through me. He has made me stronger too. He came into my life and after a while, I began to understand that He was never leaving. I learned to make a place for Him in my heart and how to strengthen my belief in Him. He has changed my life for the better. To me God means freedom from worries and stress, God means that I can live and not be brought down by guilt or regrets because He is there to help me through it. God has made me a believer, and His wonders have helped me through life.

Cassidy inspires us by reflecting on God in her life; spend some time today reflecting on how God called you. Write about it and celebrate His grace in your life!