Raised to be Sent Out

During our last week in this Lenten devotional we turn to a challenging Resurrection story where we learn that the disciples are sent out and they too are raising people from the dead! Amazingly, that is also our story, that we have been raised to life to now join Christ in bringing light into the darkness. We are being called to participate in RISING UP and bring life into every part of our daily experience. In week 6, you will be challenged by some of our own faithfully answering the call to go out and “raise the dead.” As you read Matthew 10 this week, consider how you are being called to join Christ in His mission.

God Who Thirsts For Us
By Steve Mein

Jesus said, “I thirst”. This thirst was not just physical thirst, but a thirst to draw humanity close.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta made “I thirst” the motto for the Sisters of Charity, and these words were displayed in every chapel of the society. According to the book, Vanishing Grace, by Philip Yancey, Mother Teresa wrote, “We carry in our body and soul the love of an infinite thirsty God”. God thirsts for us and humanity thirsts for God.

While in Haiti last November, we dedicated, and opened for operation a new water well. The people in this area of Haiti, as in most of Haiti, had been drinking contaminated water that was from a hog lagoon, but used for bathing, laundry, cooking, and drinking. This dirty water runs along a dirt road through the village. Needless to say, this water is full of harmful bacteria and trash, thus, drinking this water makes you sick. Imagine being thirsty on any typical hot day, and dirty water is all you have to drink. But, with the new well, plenty of fresh, clean drinking water is available.

Thirst draws people to water, dirty or clean. Just as thirst for God draws people to the church and to Jesus. When I looked into the eyes of the people waiting in line for clean water, I saw hope. Hope for a healthier life, hope for their children. Likewise, I saw the same look of hope in worshipers. Hope for a drink of everlasting water from our God. The God who thirsts for us.

Psalm 42:1,2
As the deer pants for the water brooks,
So my soul pants for You, O God.
My soul thirsts for God,
for the living God.

Prayer: Father God, We praise You for Your living water that satisfies and fills our souls. Help us to daily thirst for You, as You thirst for us. Amen

Think of a time when you were thirsty for God:

How is KUMC a source of living water?

How can you bring people living water?