WEEK 3: MARCH 13-19

Resurrected, So What?

The Resurrection of Christ is not only good news at the end of the story, it is the power to raise us to life now. Paul describes this power in Colossians 3 by talking about the transformation of who we are. We are crucified with Christ and raised to life, and this truth should radically form how we live right now. Our personal life, our family, our jobs, and even our free time should all reflect the reality that we now have an identity formed not of this world, but in Christ. Consider this truth and Colossians 3 as you prayerfully work through this week’s devotionals.


Clothed in Love
By Beth Slaughter

The book of Colossians was the first epistle Paul wrote from a prison cell. He is writing it to the people of Colossae because competing religions were starting to influence new followers of Christ in this city. The first two chapters are written to counter the influence of their worldly surroundings by reminding them of how Christ’s resurrection has set them apart. Chapters three and four focus on the characteristics that should flow from believers who have been made new through Christ. People say that the Bible is outdated, but in this book, we see a theme that is alive and well in our culture…a reminder that the ways of the world will never satisfy us, only God can.

The heading of chapter three is Only Christ Can Save People, which is the theme of Colossians. I love the encouragement and hope that chapter three brings us, with a laundry list of positive commands to clothe ourselves with behavior fitting for God’s people. I also love that the final and most important new article of clothing for God’s people is love, the perfect bond of unity that holds believers together. As Christ says in other passages in the New Testament, the greatest thing we can share with the world is love. With all of the distractions in our lives that vie for our attention…phones, television, magazines, hectic schedules, work…don’t forget that we’re called to stay focused on showing the world the same kindness and compassion that He has shown us.

I don’t know about you but it’s easy to forget what God did for us through his Son. Eternal life is a very hard concept for us to grasp in our everyday life. I am so thankful for Paul writing this to those who have forgotten that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. What a wonderful name it is, the name of Jesus, words that we sing in church all the time, and this book is a reminder of all that His name means. We have been reborn in His image, continually renewed with his perspective on the world because of His presence within us. And praise the Lord that Jesus didn’t just leave us when the resurrection took place, He left us with the Holy Spirit and His Word to guide us through this world.

Prayer for this day – Lord, we praise you and thank you that you have left us with Your word to remind us of Your truth. Please give us a desire to seek You in our daily life. Give us a renewed passion to want to spend time in Your word. As we read through scripture, let refreshment and truth bring us hope and life so that we can share Your love with everyone around us.

How has your life changed as a result of knowing Christ?

In what ways can you show Christ’s love today?